Donna Brown Landscapes provides creative design solutions for a wide range of projects. Our portfolio of work is comprised of a wide variety of projects including estate residential on large tracts of land, lake homes, schools, and subdivision design.  We also provide sustainable solutions for :

  • Subdivision designs
  • Community park spaces,
  • Commercial (office, retail, multi-unit residences)
  • Institutional (library, school, church) projects.
  • Streetscape revitalization projects

Donna’s designs are distinguished by their design elegance, with simple lines and flowing curves. Her understanding of exterior construction materials and plant materials enables her to create a design that is sustainable as well as beautiful.



Westbrook School Courtyard Revitalization

After collaborating with the students and staff at Westbrook Elementary School in Edmonton, we took a space that was overgrown and under used and turned it into an interactive outdoor classroom.  The space tells a story about the province of Alberta.  The water feature symbolizes the Rocky Mountains in the west (created by Metal Urges), the wheat impressions symbolize the farming all across Alberta and the art installation in the north-east corner represents the northern lights (created by Terry Frost),… More